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Data Import System maszfakture.pl

Electronic circulation of invoices between contractors, the company and the accounting office with implemented OCR technology.


The Maszfakture.pl system was created based on the real need to find a solution for the time-consuming process of handling invoices. Owners of several related companies, at the stage of reducing costs and eliminating repetitive administrative activities, noticed that the same invoice passes through the hands of several employees who duplicate the schematic process of its service.


Duplicating the same activities related to the handling of the same invoice. Repeatability concerned not only the multiple rewriting of invoice data within one company but also in the external environment (on the contractor end and in the accounting office). The standard, seven-step invoice route was as follows:
  1. 1)   issuing an invoice in the commercial program of company X;
  2. 2)   printing (or sending in PDF format) and delivering the invoice to Y;
  3. 3)   manual entry of invoice data into the commercial program of the Y company;
  4. 4)   printing (or sending in PDF format) and delivering the invoice to the accounting department of company X;
  5. 5)   printing (or sending in PDF format) and delivering the invoice to the Y company’s accounting;
  6. 6)   manual input of data from the invoice to the accounting program in the accounting office servicing company X;
  7. 7)   manual input of the invoice data into the accounting program in the accounting office servicing company Y.

The need

Reduction of the time, costs and energy of employees devoted to ineffective duplicated administrative activities. Finding and, as a result, implementing a solution that will systematically minimise the seven-step path of one invoice to a maximum of three steps.

Description of the solution

The Maszfakture.pl system allows for automatic or controlled (depending on individual program settings) sending and importing sales and purchase invoices to trade and accounting programs. The application comprehensively solves the problem of manual input of data from invoices by combining several import methods. Through the use of ready-made integrations with commercial and accounting programs, the ability to scan paper invoices, the function of reading data from electronic invoices, the ability to import documents from JPK_VAT and JPK_FA files, mobile applications for iOS and Android and the proprietary module for issuing invoices, the synergy effect was achieved.


  1. 1)   saving up to 70% of the working time that was previously wasted on manual input of cost invoices to trading and accounting systems;
  2. 2)   saving costs related to the current printing of invoices and delivering them to contractors and accounting by mail (traditional or e-mail);
  3. 3)   elimination of unavoidable errors resulting from manual, multiple rewriting of data from invoices;
  4. 4)   elimination of the problem related to lost and/or damaged paper invoices;
  5. 5)   ensuring the highest level of security of accounting data;
  6. 6)   easy and quick access to all invoices for each party;
  7. 7)   order in the accounting documentation;
  8. 8)   unified system of invoice circulation and communication with accounting.

The technology

A desktop application is written in .NET technology in C# language, WPF graphics engine. The system is maintained on the Azure platform. The system architecture model is a client-server based on WCF services. The program was written in the above technology due to the strongly related functionalities with the Windows environment. The web part (available only to customers) is written in PHP on the Yii framework, while the website is based on the WordPress engine. The system is complemented by the implemented OCR technology and mobile applications available for iOS and Android. The Maszfakture.pl system has ready integration with the producers of commercial and accounting programs: InsERT, Sage, Optima and Asseco Wapro.

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