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The iDMK company has been operating in the programming services market since 2013. We have many years of experience as active members of team projects, as well as in independent programming services. Apart from the “fintech” project in our core portfolio Maszfakture.pl, we have also had, among others; Automotive / OHS sector software, CDM medical clinic software, programming and creating counting systems, proprietary B2B systems for automating customer service in the accounting, construction, tourism, insurance, banking and pharmaceutical industries, use of external services (API, internet payments, SMS gateways, accounting software etc.). In the area of our experience and interests, you can also successfully find solutions based on AI (handling structured and unstructured data from multiple data sources).

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iDMK will design and implement high-quality software,
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We provide comprehensive programming support services at every stage of an IT project. We are open to individual customer expectations.

integracja systemów it

of IT systems

If you need integrated programs or systems functioning in your company, let us know. We will write a personalised integration code for you or we will use existing solutions in the form of API.

aplikacje desktopowe


Despite the commonly prevailing trends related to web applications, the desktop ones, due to the connection with the operating system, are still doing popular. We are happy to help in their design and implementation.

aplikacje webowe


In the prevailing online reality, internet platforms are in the lead. We are here to help you design a web application that meets the highest UX and UI expectations.

dedykowane systemy korporacyjne

corporate systems

Being aware that many universal solutions do not meet the requirements of your business, we are here to program one that will be tailored to your business needs.

automatyzacja procesów biznesowych

Automation of
business processes

Well-designed and implemented B2B systems can undoubtedly reorganise many processes in your company, thus providing significant savings in time and money. Check out our case studies for more information.

Backups and
data transfer

Regular data archiving and their safe storage is one of the most important activities of IT departments in the company. Outsource it to professionals!

completely else

It is impossible to describe all variants of cooperation and areas in which we can help your business. Fill out a project brief or contact us directly - let's talk about your idea!

We are specialists
in creating solutions

We are specialists in creating solutions in the broadly understood financial, accounting and insurance industries. We have created a proprietary B2B system that automated the customer service process in industries such as accounting, tourism and banking.

Our clients, who implemented the automation of business processes in the daily functioning of the company, noticed how much time they wasted on activities that consumed half of their working day. By automating basic repetitive daily activities, they saved time, which was converted into real profits for their companies.

Huge savings for your organisation with professional IT support is the most important task for our specialists. Choosing iDMK is a conscious investment of time and money – we can guarantee you the effective use of working hours and 100% focus on your task.

Are you wondering what we could do for you and your company? Let’s not waste time! Fill out a project brief or contact us by phone and we will do the rest.
B2B systems

Know-How Zone

Why is automating internal processes worth it?
If we were to identify one dominant trend in modern business, it would be automation. It is present in almost every sector – from industry and manufacturing to IT and marketing. Companies that use the automation of their processes take advantage of the many benefits of this solution, just to mention time savings. In this article, we’ll show you how automation affects your company’s day-to-day operations and why you should consider it.
How to choose an IT service provider?
Do you have an idea for a website, data exchange system, or maybe an application that will automate certain processes in your company? This is good news because we can help you effectively. However, before you contact us or any other software house, it is worth knowing what will make it easier for you to choose an IT service provider.

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