How to choose an IT service provider?

Do you have an idea for a website, data exchange system, or maybe an application that will automate certain processes in your company? This is good news because we can help you effectively 😉 However, before you contact us or any other software house, it is worth knowing what will make it easier for you to choose an IT service provider.

From this article, find out:

Write a website brief

A brief is a short document (up to 5 pages) that gathers information about your project. It has 3 functions. On the one hand, it allows you to specify your idea. On the other hand, it makes it easier for the contractor to find out about the assumptions and size of the project. The third, it helps to collect bids from all bid contest participants.
At the beginning of the brief, you should find the goal of the project, i.e. the answer to the question of what you want to achieve or avoid thanks to the project. Paradoxically, it is the most important element of the entire project. Why? Well, while specifying the assumptions with the supplier, new ideas will emerge, which, like a siren singing, will spread a tempting vision of the (often unreal) future. A clearly defined goal will allow you to get back to earth quickly – just ask yourself the sacramental question: reading the function is necessary to achieve your goal.

Brief description of your idea preferably with examples. These can be models of entire existing solutions. But they can also be individual features that you want to implement into your product. And it’s not about copying, but about providing more precise information about your needs, which is directly related to obtaining a more precise valuation.

Hard data, i.e. all must have that must be included, e.g.
Information about your company (size, industry, users of the solution being developed, etc.) is also welcome. Thanks to this, the contractor will not only gain an idea of your needs but also give him a chance to delegate someone to the project who already has experience in this or similar issues.

Budget and deadline. The construction of each IT solution is a project that has 3 components: money, time and scope – it is the so-called design triangle. In other words, if the scope of the project is large, then correspondingly greater costs should be followed by time and money. Budget and deadline assumptions will help the agency advise you on the best solution for you. Because maybe you don’t need to build a new system from scratch. Your need may as well be satisfied by appropriate adaptation of an already existing solution on the market.

In the e-mail, be sure to set a deadline for the response to the inquiry.

Organise an effective meeting with the software house

A brief is like an announcement on a dating site. In it, you describe your vision of the product, what you want to get. The more precisely you do it, the greater the chance of finding a willing person who will help you achieve this vision. However, nothing verifies reality like a date, and in this case a meeting with a potential IT service provider.

Even if the brief is well-written, there is a person on the other side who reads it and understands it in various ways. As a result, he has various ideas for solving a given issue, so do not be surprised how during the meetings the candidates for the IT service provider will ask you questions that theoretically should be answered in the brief themselves. They just want to make sure you have the same understanding of the issue.

That is why all kinds of examples of applications and real user problems are so important.

In order not to waste time, meetings should be attended by people who:
This is important because often at such meetings there are issues that no one has thought about before. And when they do win, individual stakeholders can quickly provide a more precise answer or work out a common position.

It is good for a moderator to participate in such a meeting. This could be someone from your company or service provider (iDMK will often appoint one on its side). The moderator will not only keep an eye on the time but also make sure that the meeting achieves the goal, i.e. helps the IT service provider understand the need and submitted requirements. Finally, he will make a note of the meeting or update the brief.

Meetings with potential contractors are also an opportunity to establish interpersonal relationships. Let’s make an appointment. Sometimes you immediately feel that there will be no bread from this flour. And an IT project is a rather long journey worth going with people you like at least a little.