Why is automating internal processes worth it?

Why is automating internal processes worth it?

If we were to identify one dominant trend in modern business, it would be automation. It is present in almost every sector – from industry and manufacturing to IT and marketing. Companies that use the automation of their processes take advantage of the many benefits of this solution, just to mention time savings. In this article, we’ll show you how automation affects your company’s day-to-day operations and why you should consider it.

For starters, imagine a business that doesn’t use automation. The vast majority of organisations operated in this way back in the 1990s. All activities had to be done manually, from sending offers and orders, to issuing invoices and accounting documents, to customer service. Interestingly, this type of approach to business is still noticeable in some organisations.

However, this way of running a business is slow and ineffective. The necessity to perform basic tasks manually means that both you and your employees do not have enough time to:

In other words, the lack of automation condemns the company to waste time on simple and repetitive tasks. This, in turn, results in:

Now let’s see what the situation of the same company that decided to automate several processes could look like.

Life after automation

Back in 2017, the consulting company McKinsey & Company [1] conducted a study that showed that approximately 60% of jobs/tasks can be automated at least 30%. About 5% of the tasks can be 100% automated. Probably these results would be slightly different today, but this study shows well that automation is possible, also in your company.

Another report [1] shows the benefits of automation. Here they are:

The company that implements the automation works better and more efficiently. Maybe spend time planning development and implementing this strategy. Can focus on better customer service. After all, he has time to deal with various challenges rather than postpone them forever. Doesn’t this vision sound attractive? But it’s not just a vision. This is a reality for many companies, and soon maybe yours too! To do this, you first need to know the answer to two questions:

Let’s start with the first question:

What can be automated?

In 2021, the answer is almost everything. Companies currently use advanced B2B platforms and CRM programs that automate:

Going further, we can also mention modern technologies such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. They enable the automation of customer service (through chatbots and voice bots), measurement of various types of indicators (a solution very useful in production companies, which often have to measure hundreds of indications at the same time), and even acquiring new customers. Yes, a properly designed website in combination with advanced CRM software can almost 100% automate collecting contacts to potential customers.

How to start automating your work?

First of all, you should carefully analyze what activities take the most time in your company. With a list like this, you can see if there is software that can automate it. In many cases, you will find several such programs. Compare their capabilities, see how the pricing plans are shaped and take advantage of the free trial period (the vast majority of manufacturers provide such a period) and see how the solution will work in your company.

Remember that advanced B2B and CRM platforms allow you to automate many activities within one system. As a result, the company works in an orderly manner and does not have to spend time configuring and learning many different applications.

If you would like to implement automation in your company and you need help – the iDMK team is at your disposal! The implementation of work automation systems is our speciality. We will guide you through the entire process, from designing a solution for your company, to its comprehensive implementation and subsequent updating as needed.

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