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Full automation of processes inside the organisation and customer service.


The sole distributor in the country of Dutch vacuum lifters for the assembly of sandwich panels, trapezoidal sheet and glass. The company deals with the rental, sale and service of machines throughout Poland. The company’s branches are located in several places and divided according to the internal division into sales (trade offices), warehouse and service (Greater Poland Voivodeship) as well as distribution centre and service (Masovian Voivodeship).


Two were noticed in the company

The need

Implementation of a solution that will significantly automate time-consuming and repetitive customer service processes. A real need to program a system that will handle the rental and sale of machines (machine configuration, machine booking, offers, conclusion of a framework agreement, machine order, settlement of machine rental and sale as part of automatic invoicing to the contractor and settlement of deposits).

Description of the solution

Designing and programming a proprietary B2B system for the client (VIAVAC Polska), the task of which is primarily the automation of internal and external processes in the organization. First, the client provided the iDMK team with documentation. Its content described the problems, needs and functionalities occurring in the company, the presence of which (due to the specificity of the industry and activity) was necessary. As a result, a dedicated system was created, consisting of a panel of an employee and a client of the company.

In the first step, the customer registers in the B2B system by entering the NIP number – all data is collected automatically from the Central Statistical Office. After logging in to his profile, he describes his needs, i.e. what machine he needs, for which work, estimates the period of work and determines the technical parameters of the materials (type, thickness, weight) to be installed with the use of VIAVAC vacuum lifters. On this basis, the system offers the customer an optimal configuration of the machine with the use of appropriate suction cups. The program automatically generates a framework agreement based on previously entered data and sends it to the customer by e-mail. Along with the contract, orders are generated. After selecting the one that corresponds to the demand, the client accepts this from the level of his panel. The orders define in detail the terms and conditions for the rental/sale of the machine. In the next step, the system automatically generates and sends a courier order to transport the device from the VIAVAC warehouse directly to the customer and generates the order to the warehouse and service department. The system is adapted to be operated via mobile devices, which greatly facilitates the work of technical advisors and service technicians. After the machine is packed and the lift’s checklist has been completed, the machine and parts inventory are locked, and the machine is given the “shipped” status after shipment.

The customer signals the end of the rental from the customer panel, which results in a settled deposit, an invoice issued and sent to the contractor and order to the courier company to pick up the machine. After returning to the company, the device is checked by the service, the checklist is filled again and the machine is given the appropriate status (e.g. breakdown, service, ready for rental).

The B2B system also has an implemented loyalty program, the possibility of issuing recurring invoices in the case of long-term rentals, granting user permissions, generating sales reports and accounting for inventory.

The result

  1. 1)    efficient handling of the sales (or rental) process from the first contact of the customer with the sales department to the settlement of the deposit and issuing an invoice;
  2. 2)   automatic exchange of information between the sales department and the warehouse and service;
  3. 3)   minimisation of mistakes caused by human mistakes;
  4. 4)   significant time savings;
  5. 5)   cost reduction;
  6. 6)   higher data quality;
  7. 7)   more time to focus on acquiring new customers;
  8. 8)   increase in sales.

The technology

A web application is written in PHP using the Symfony framework and having integration with the InsERTSubiektGT program via the Sphere. The system is maintained on the Linux platform. The architecture model uses the open standards Apache and MySQL.

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